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Listening to your favourite song is as easy as going to YouTube (or even better Invidious), Soundcloud or Spotify and stream everything right on your PC or mobile device. Millions of artists and tracks are just waiting for you to discover them. However, streaming is not necessarily the best choice for you and here’s why. Simply put, you don’t own any of the content that you are streaming and you have no guarantee that the song you liked today will be there tomorrow for you to listen to it again. You have no say in how those platforms handle copyright, DMCA-takedowns or Content-ID. Remember back in the 2000s, when you went to the store and purchased an album on CD? As long as you owned the CD, you also owned the content and nobody could have taken it away from you anymore (unless disc rot). In this article we’ll be utilzing youtube-dl to get back to the good ol’ days when we had full ownership of the media we are consuming, without losing the comforts and convenience of such streaming-sites.