person = Person(name='Raffael', nick='Ruffy', age=0x1A, region='Upper Austria')
person.set_interests(['Linux', 'Security', 'Clean-Code', 'Music'])
person.set_profession(job='Software Developer', company='Fronius International GmbH')

People usually refer to me as Ruffy (or Raffi for the german-speaking folks). I’m approx. 0x1A years old and I’m from a beautiful small austrian city near Linz. I’m a clean-code-loving software-developer with a strong preference for backend work - let’s just say, that - at least for me - the pinnacle of UI/UX design are TUIs (=Terminal User Interfaces). To counter-balance the huge amount of time in front of the screen, I’m also making music as a another creativity outlet. I play some instruments like the piano, clarinet, drums and a few more, but for the most time I play my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I produce music, mostly in electronic genres (such as Hands Up, Hardstyle, House, Dance, Electro, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hardcore and much more). Sometimes I even ghost-produce songs for well-known austrian and german DJs and musicians, so there is a slight chance that you’ve heard my music without knowing. Shameless self-plug: if you also want a ghost-production tailored to your liking, or if you’d like to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me.


During daytime I’m a .NET Software-Developer at Fronius International GmbH, working for the Solar-Energy divison. I’m mainly working on the backend for a large-scale IoT monitoring platform called Solar.Web. Solar.Web is a managing- and visualization-platform for millions of photovoltaic inverters worldwide. With around 20 developers and a lot of variety in my daily work, it’s the perfect environment for me. I’ve been at Fronius for about 10 years now, and as far as I can judge that won’t change anytime soon.

In my spare-time, I like to go for walks, ride my bike, discover new music and artists or just surf through my favorite image boards enjoying some quality memes. Sometimes I DJ on live streams like Jnktn.TV or live.rtrace.io. Additionally, I’m a Linux-enthusiast and have been a Linux-only user since 2010. Btw. I’m using Arch Fedora. Well, needless to say, I love to self-host all the things (including the page you are currently reading). With the love of self-hosting my interests in the vast universe of DevOps developed. K8s, Podman, Gitlab CI/CD, Prometheus, Grafana and ELK - I don’t even know how I got to age 20 without having all these on my servers.

my vast universe of interests rendered in a little word-cloud


Blogs, Posts, Toots and other opinions/views/standpoints found here (and on any of my social-media) are my own. They might not represent my employer(s).