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Today’s architectural challenges, especially in IoT scenarios, are often tackled using distributed systems with microservices as go-to solution of choice. While microservices offer great benefits, they also tend to increase the overall complexity of systems. Paul and me will show you how actor frameworks can mitigate those problems, using a long-forgotten paradigm from the early days of computer science.

Welcome to the first article in the series of EAD (= Enterprise Application Development). Applications developed and designed for enterprise environments are often complicated, hard to maintain, tricky to deploy, barely monitorable and often suffer from a mixture of “why is this even a service” and “how the fuck can one service do so many things”. This article series is supposed to guide you through essential techniques and best practices, to prevent applications from being tech-debt right from the beginning. Each article will tackle another aspect that makes an application a charm for developers, operations, administrators and users. The first article is about properly configuring services and applications.