It’s time for a new release again. This time ruffy presents a tune combining catchy Drum & Bass and (lots of) iconic vocals from the previous 20 years. All that, combined into a single song. The project initially started out as a remix for “All That I Need” by S3rl and was further on extended with Adele, Linkin Park, Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding Dada Life and Candee Jay. At some point the amount of vocals took overhand, so I’ve decided to call it a “Mashleg” (basically a mixture out of bootleg and a mashup). Now this song marks the first Mashleg of a series of Mashlegs called Smash Ups.


This project initially started out as a remix for S3rl. S3rl thankfully provided the world with the vocals of “All That I Need”, and I felt the urge to work on a more DnB’ish project lately. And boom, a more DnB’ish project was started. A little later in the game I figured out, that the chord progression is quite common and parsed through my vocal library to find further candidates that could fit, Turned out, that lots of pop songs roughly follow the same chord progression. A little pitchy patchy here and there and and vocals nicely integrate into the arrangement. At some point the amount of random vocals in this song took overhand, so I’ve decided to call it a “Mashleg”.




Source: Invidious on provided by artemislena


Track Type Download-Link Password
Smash Up 0x01 (Radio Edit) HQ FLAC ProtonDrive

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